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M. Raju


Raju did his masters in physics (2006-2008) from University of Hyderabad, India and PhD (2008-2013) from Department of Physics, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (IITD). He worked as research associate (2014-2015) at Quantum Phenomenon and Application Division, National Physical laboratory (NPL), New Delhi. Raju’s research at IITD, NPL involved understanding the growth and magnetic properties of CoFeB/MgO, multilayers of Co/Pd, Cu/Co and nano structures of Co/Pd. During his one year at NPL he also worked on superconductivity and magnetism in nanostructures of Al/W and NbN/HoN/NbN systems.
Currently (March 2015 onwards) at Physics of Novel Electronics group, he is involved in growth of ferromagnet/heavy metal multilayers and studying their magneto transport properties.