Geometrically Tailored Skyrmions at Zero Magnetic Field in Multilayered Nanostructures

Authors: Pin Ho, Anthony K.C. Tan, S. Goolaup, A.L. Gonzalez Oyarce, M. Raju, L.S. Huang, Anjan Soumyanarayanan, and Christos Panagopoulos

Published in: Phys. Rev. Applied 11, 024064, 2019.

We demonstrate the confinement-induced stabilization of sub-100 nm RT skyrmions at zero field (ZF) in Ir/Fe(x)/Co(y)/Pt nanodots over a wide range of magnetic and geometric parameters. The ZF skyrmion size can be as small as ~50 nm, and varies by a factor of 4 with dot size and magnetic parameters. Skyrmions with varying thermodynamic stability exhibit markedly different confinement phenomenologies.

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