Evidence for quantum skyrmions in a doped antiferromagnet

Authors: I. Raičević, Dragana Popović, C. Panagopoulos, L. Benfatto, M. B. Silva Neto, E. S. Choi, and T. Sasagawa

Published in: Physical Review Letters 106, 227206, 2011.

Magnetization   and   magnetoresistance   have   been   measured   in   insulating   antiferromagnetic La2Cu0.97Li0.03O4   over  a  wide  range  of  temperatures,  magnetic  fields,  and  field  orientations.  The magnetoresistance step associated with a weak ferromagnetic transition exhibits a striking nonmonotonic temperature dependence, consistent with the presence of Skyrmions.

DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.106.227206