Non-Gaussian noise in the in-plane transport of lightly doped La2−xSrxCuO4:Evidence for a collective state of charge clusters

Authors: I. Raičević, Dragana Popović, C. Panagopoulos and T. Sasagawa

Published in: Physical Review B 83, 195133, 2011.

A study of the in-plane resistance noise on a high-quality single crystal of La1.97Sr0.03CuO4 deep inside the spin-glass phase reveals the onset of non-Gaussianity and the insensitivity of the noise to the in-plane magnetic field. The results indicate that the charge dynamics become increasingly slow and correlated as temperature T → 0. The analysis of the higher-order noise statistics provides evidence for the existence of a collective ground state of charge clusters, which seem to coexist with charge-poor antiferromagnetic domains that are frozen at such low T .

DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevB.83.195133