Metallic characteristics in superlattices composed of insulators, NdMnO3/SrMnO3/LaMnO3

Authors: J. W. Seo, B. T. Phan, J. Lee, H.-D. Kim,and C. Panagopoulos

Published in: Applied Physics Letters 98, 171910, 2011.

We report on the electronic properties of superlattices composed of three different antiferromagnetic insulators,   NdMnO3/SrMnO3/LaMnO3 grown on SrTiO3 substrates. Photoemission   spectra obtained  by  tuning  the  x-ray  energy  at  the  Mn  2p → 3d edge  show  a  Fermi  cut-off,  indicating metallic behavior mainly originating from Mn eg electrons. Furthermore, the density of states near the  Fermi  energy  and  the  magnetization  obey  a  similar  temperature  dependence,  suggesting  a correlation between the spin and charge degrees of freedom at the interfaces of these oxides.

DOI: 10.1063/1.3583586