Current induced domain wall motion in antiferromagnetically coupled (Co70Fe30/Pd) multilayer nanowires

Authors: Zhaoliang Meng, Shikun He, Lisen Huang, Jinjun Qiu, Tiejun Zhou, Christos Panagopoulos, Guchang Han and Kie-Leong Teo

Published in: Applied Physics Letters 109, 142403 (2016), 2016.

We investigate the current induced domain wall (DW) motion in the ultrathin CoFe/Pd multilayer based synthetically antiferromagnetic (SAF) structure nanowires by anomalous Hall effect measurement. The threshold current density () for the DW displacement decreases and the DW velocity () increases accordingly with the exchange coupling J between the top and bottom ferromagnetic CoFe/Pdmultilayers. The lowest  = 9.3 × 1010 A/m2 and a maximum  = 150 m/s with  = 1.5 × 1012 A/m2 are achieved due to the exchange coupling torque (ECT) generated in the SAF structure. The strength of ECT is dependent on both of J and the strong spin-orbit torque mainly generated by Ta layer.

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