A versatile rotary-stage high frequency probe station for studying magnetic films and devices:

We present a rotary-stage microwave probe station suitable for magnetic films and spintronic devices. Two stages, one for field rotation from parallel to perpendicular to the sample plane (out-of-plane) and the other intended for field rotation within the sample plane (in-plane) have been designed. The sample probes and micro-positioners are rotated simultaneously with the stages, which allows the field orientation to cover from 0 to 90 and from 0 to 360. and being the angle between the direction of current flow and field in a out-of-plane and an in-plane rotation, respectively. The operation frequency is up to 40 GHz and the magnetic field up to 1 T. The sample holder vision system and probe assembly are compactly designed for the probes to land on a wafer with diameter up to 3 cm. Using homemade multi-pin probes and commercially available high frequency probes, several applications including 4-probe DC measurements,the determination of domain wall velocity, and spin transfer torque ferromagnetic resonance are demonstrated.

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