The CryoFACE, short for Cryogenic Facilities Center is used for the daily characterization of samples and helps us choose interesting materials to investigate using one of our custom-made systems. The facilities in CryoFACE currently available for use are:


Quantum Design PPMS 6000

14T magnet
Standard temperature range: 1.9-300K. With Helium-3 option: 0.45-300K
Transport: AC and DC Resisitivity, Hall effect and Critical Current
Heat capacity option
ACMS option: AC and DC susceptibility
Thermal transport option: Thermal conductivity, Seebeck coefficient and Thermoelectric Figure of Merit
Torque magnetometry option
Horizontal rotator option: For use with transport and torque magnetometry
Closed cycle helium reliquifier


Quantum Design MPMS XL

7T magnet
Standard temperature range: 1.9-300K. High temperature oven: 300-800K.
DC magnetisation
Reciprocating Sample Option
AC susceptibility
Ultra-low field option: Remnant field < 0.05G





Rigaku SmartLab X-ray diffractometer

General Bragg-Brentano focussing
Theta/2-theta scan
Rocking Curve Measurement and Reciprocal Space Mapping
Thin Film Thickness analysis
Small angle scattering (SAXS) and absorption (SAXA)
Cryostat temperature range 173K-300K




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